Pet Portraiture 

Captivating portraits, of your family’s best friend. Capture your pets personality in print form memory’s that last a lifetime. You have no minimum spend to your session and sessions start from £25 from the comfort of your own home.

Your session will be run from your own home this makes is convenient for you and less stressful for your pet as their in familiar surroundings.

You have the choice to keep your session price low and purchase at your convenience from an online gallery, or pre order a 16x12” print in advance and have your session fee waived, yes that’s right order 1 print prior to the session and you will pay nothing for the session fee.

Your photos will be carefully retouched to ensure the perfect replication for your print. You have the assurance that your precious memories are being captured by an award winning artist with multiple distinctions and string of awards.

Location shoots are available at your request if you have a favourite location you wish to use and capture your dog in action, price’s will vary depending on the details of your session and a bespoke programme can be created for you on request.


Captivating Images That Will Last A Lifetime

Captivating Images That Will Last A Lifetime

Session Fee's









Session Fees Waived If 16x12" Print Pre Paid










Digital Packages

1 Image

3 Images

6 Images

All Images





Session Fees Waived If any digital Package Pre Paid

Other Information

·         Mileage included in session fee’s for location up to 10 miles from CV12 9PY additional mileage charged at 45p per mile return journey also chargeable.

·         Sessions last between 1 and 2 hours including set up time, your pet’s welfare and basic training will denote session length.

·         All session fee’s, mileage charges and pre-paid fees are strictly non-refundable.

·         You are required to assist during the session to ensure your pet does not become stressed.

·         Your pet must be trained sufficiently to ensure basic control and the safety of photographer and equipment.

I do require dog models from time to time of specific breeds, In return you will receive a free 16x12" print of your choice from your dog's session

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