5 Ways To Help Your Photographer

1.    Always have an appointed helper to aid group photos and point out priority people for photographs. This will also help you; the less you have to deal with the better.

 2.   Always try and set up hair and make-up in front of a window, natural light is far better than any flash and soft box your photographer can provide. This way you will have beautiful contrast, adding dimension, and dynamism to you pictures

3.    Don’t forget the little things, by this I mean keep your shoe boxes, delivery tags and labels, anything that could be used to add details into the photographic work

 4.   DON’T forget a nice hanger for the wedding dress, many brides have spectacular dresses and quite rightly want them included in the photographs, hung in front of the window, or from that expensive wardrobe in your very expensive hotel room, so why would you want to hang it from a plain wooden hanger or even worse a twisted wire affair that looks like it just dropped of ET’s head.

 5.      Engagement shoots, in my opinion are absolutely necessary. During the engagement shoot, you will get to know your photographer and he/she should offer some tips to posing yourself to make you look your best. All these details will help produce outstanding pictures on the day. The real beauty of the engagement shoot is there is no pressure, no stress, and you get to try different things before the big day. O and I mention that I provide free engagement on all investments.