Brides Wedding Day Survival Kit

It’s always a good idea to have a small container or bag that you get your helper for the day to carry for you. Like a first aid for brides, clearly this should be easy to carry and don’t lumber someone with a suitcase full of “just in case items”. But a small soap bag or a large pencil case can work. Try and include the most likely things you will need to cover any mishaps along the way, as well as things like aspirin and deodorant.

Brides - 10 Emergency Items

1.       Deodorant

2.       Bobby pins

3.       Plasters

4.       Aspirin

5.       Suppliers Phone numbers list

6.       Travel Sow Pack

7.       Touch up Makeup

8.       Safety Pins

9.       Nail Varnish & Clear coat(For Stocking)

10.   Nail File